The sun light reflection on the ever rippling water surface of open sea is the main inspiration of this design. We play with hand stamping the paper before weaving it strand by strand. The random hand stamping creates subtle texture effect on the wall.

W 222/01 Segara Pearl White
W 222/01-K Segara Khaki White
W 222/03 Segara Patina Silver
W 222/04 Segara Stone Grey
W 222/07 Segara Sunset Blue
W 222/08 Segara Azure
W 222/11 Segara Sepia
W 222/12 Segara Khaki
W 222/13 Segara Spice
W 222/14 Segara Emerald
Segara Handwoven wallcovering
Composition : Paper, Polyester
Backing : Paper
Roll Width : 90 cm
Maximum Length : 600 cm
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