Beating with reed in the handloom is part of weaving process and this beating process is taken as the main technique to create the wrinkle character of the paper which is the main strong character of the design. This wallcovering will add unique wrinkle texture to the wall surface in playful colors.

W 217/04 Rannu Stone Grey
W 217/08 Rannu Azure
W 217/09 Rannu Flamingo
W 217/12 Rannu Khaki
W 217/13 Rannu Spice
W 217/14 Rannu Emerald
Rannu Handwoven Paper
Rannu Handwoven Paper
Rannu Handwoven Paper
Composition : Paper, Polyester
Backing : Paper
Roll Width : 90 cm
Maximum Length : 600 cm

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