Using the urban waste which is recycled newspaper, we crafted the modest material with play of colors and hand weaving technique. The final result mimics the city scape with random lights glowing from the building fa├žade in the evening. This design creates continuation of urban image of the exterior into the interior space.

W 216/01 News Mozaic Cloud
W 216/03 News Mozaic Graphite
W 216/07 News Mozaic Sunset Blue
W 216/13 News Mozaic Taxi
W 216/14 News Mozaic Emerald
W 216/15 News Mozaic Midnight
W 216/15-G News Mozaic Midnight Gold
News Mozaic Handwoven Newspaper
News Mozaic Handwoven Newspaper
Composition : Recycled News Paper, Polyester
Backing : Paper
Roll Width : 90 cm
Maximum Length : 600 cm

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