The hand woven paper with irregular geometric design is creating a color statement in an interior composition. The distressed look is crafted by hand stamping the paper before weaving, showing the touch of hands in modern contemporary style.

W 239/01 Mercator Pearl White
W 239/02 Mercator Gold
W 239/03 Mercator Patina Silver
W 239/04 Mercator Stone Grey
W 239/06 Mercator Clay
W 239/07 Mercator Azure
W 239/11 Mercator Sepia
W 239/12 Mercator Khaki
W 239/16 Mercator Mint
W 239/21 Mercator Teal
Composition : Paper, Polyester
Backing : Paper
Roll Width : 90 cm
Maximum Length : 300 cm
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