This rich multi colored texture crafted from dyed Abaca defines a space with fine dynamic horizontal lines. The rich texture is alluring us to touch the details woven by our weavers.

W 236/03 Khatulistiwa Tarnished Silver
W 236/05 Khatulistiwa Safari
W 236/07 Khatulistiwa Sapphire
W 236/13 Khatulistiwa Saffron
W 236/17 Khatulistiwa Sea Shell
W 236/18 Khatulistiwa Slate
W 236/19 Khatulistiwa Aqua
W 236/21 Khatulistiwa Teal
Composition : Abaca, Polyester
Backing : Fabric
Roll Width : 90 cm
Maximum Length : 300 cm
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