A further development of our previous design Chandik Kala which inspired by the diverse colors in twilight moment, a play of colors introduced in striation texture. Now we introduce new colors and fabric backing for broader application.

W 234/01 Kala Cloud
W 234/03 Kala Graphite
W 234/04 Kala Stone Grey
W 234/05 Kala Safari
W 234/07 Kala Azure
W 234/08 Kala Peacock Blue
W 234/10 Kala Coffee Brown
W 234/12 Kala Khaki
W 234/13 Kala Saffron
W 234/14 Kala Emerald
W 234/15 Kala Midnight
W 234/16 Kala Celadon
W 234/18 Kala Slate
W 234/19 Kala Sky
W 234/20 Kala Turmeric
W 234/21 Kala Teal
Composition : Abaca, Polyester
Backing : Fabric
Roll Width : 90 cm
Maximum Length : 300 cm
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